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"That which is written without effort is generally read without pleasure."  
Samuel Smith


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The Creative Web's mission:  Professor B. Bailey's Creative Web is a workshop of sorts. It's not only a workshop for the elimination of writers' block, but an amalgamation of ideas to develop characters, plots, and scenes in your stories, an inspiration for you, the writer.

The Creative Web is also a meeting place for writers, readers, students, and instructors to share ideas, critique known and unknown works, and to generally support each other on our path to creating and understanding the written word.

Writer's Block No More! 

For many writers, there are moments of unproductivity. Some writers feel that they are "blocked" or just plain stuck. One of my goals is to show that writer's block is an easily eliminated dilemma. Check out my inspirations page to clear the way for a new chapter, or possibly a new story.