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    "That which is written without effort is generally read without pleasure."  
    Samuel Smith
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Yellow Woman
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About Leslie Silko 

Leslie Silko was born in 1945 on a Laguna Pueblo Indian reservation in New Mexico. Her stories present the importance of myth to our pragmatic society. For more of an insight on Leslie Silko's philosophy, check out her  comments page

Read the story and then perhaps respond to these questions in our Forum. Or perhaps you can post a question of your own! 
1.  How does the author imply that Silva is a mystical character?  
2.  Why did the woman call herself "Yellow Woman?"  
3.  Why does she wonder whether or not the legendary "Yellow Woman" had a name?  
4.  Why does Yellow Woman seem confused?  Give examples.  
5.  What is Yellow Woman's relationship with her family?  
6.  Why does she think that these stories (of Yellow Woman) couldn't happen now?  
7.  Why does Silva say that she is Yellow Woman?  
8.  How would you describe Silva?  What kind of guy is he?  
9. What makes the woman different from the legendary Yellow Woman?  What makes her the same?   
10. How does the imagery add to the narrative?  What do the sights, smells and sounds do for the story?  
11.  Break down the first paragraph into verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.  How many verbs are used? How many adverbs?  What does this tell you about discriptive writing?
Tips on reading the story 

"Yellow Woman" can be a disorienting reading. Read the story paying particular attention to the time-line. Mark the text where you think the shifts in time occur. Is she remembering the past or is it occuring as she narrates? The structure of the text seems to reflect the personality of the main character as she seeks her self idendity.